Ursack Update

September 21, 2006
Apparently my previous post has caused some confusion. The Ursack Hybrid is still conditionally approved for use in Yosemite and all other SIBBG areas. There has been no change in approval status--although there have been lots of false rumors. The percentage of torn Ursacks, as compared to the number sold, is miniscule--less than 1/4 of 1%. The only fabric damage that I am aware of occured in approximately the same area of Yosemite during the approximately the same time period. It could have been a single bear. There has been no reported damage to either the retrofitted Ursacks (i.e. the green Spectra bags retrofitted with aluminum) or the newer Vectran bags sold since around August 18, 2006 (beginning with about order #9193).