Ursack Update

June 28, 2006
The news so far this summer is good. Lots of new customers and not a single reported problem with Ursack. There is some boring stuff to talk about--so here it is:

Delivery. We ship from San Diego. Generally, orders go out within 24 hours of receipt by USPS Priority Mail. We do not ship on weekends and alternate Fridays. You can check with the post office to see how long they expect delivery to take to your area--but the average is 2 to 3 days. Sometimes there is a delay in shipping because we are out of inventory, but that delay is usually minimal because Ursack is manufactured in San Diego by the same people who ship it. They have plenty of fabric and other components of Ursack on hand.

We have eliminated the overnight delivery option for now. We just could not guarantee that we would have Ursack ready to ship within a short time of receiving the order, and we don't like having disappointed customers. Because Priority Mail is so fast, overnight delivery only gains you a day or two at most.

Dealers. We have a hard time keeping an up to date dealer list on our website. And, because we had only a limited business last year due to our inability to source bullet proof fabric, we are still playing catch up on our dealer network. If you have a favorite store that you think ought to carry Ursack, please tell the store to contact us. Meanwhile, order on line. There is a 30 day return policy for unused Ursacks.