Ursack Update

October 27, 2005
The long winter of our discontent is over. The Sierra Interagency Black Bear Group (SIBBG) has unanimously approved the use of the Ursack Hybrid in the previously restricted ares of the National Parks and Forests in the Sierra: Yosemite, SEKI, Inyo, Devil's Postpile, Stanislaus. We have not heard from other areas that may not allow Ursack, but we anticipate that they will fall in line with SIBBG.

Specifically, this means that the Hybrid, which is the Ursack with our heavy duty aluminum liner, has been conditionally approved for use in those areas. Conditionally approved means that it has passed all zoo and wilderness testing by rangers, but still must successfully get through the summer of 2006 with actual use by campers. If we pass that test, then the Ursack Hybrid will have full approval. The difference to our customers is inconsequential since even containers that have received full approval can be later banned if bears figure out how to get into them.

The Ursack Hybrid weighs about 20 ounces and holds about 650 cubic inches. The aluminum liner is removable for use in areas where it is allowed.